Landscaping is an essential part of maintaining your property appeal

Landscaping your garden can add a massive value to your property; you should keep your garden looking as natural as you can using always natural materials blending in with the surrounding landscape.

When you landscape your garden, you should keep it very easy maintenance.If you can you will appreciate it in the future, cost and time.

Landscaping starts by:

  • Having a basic plan or design-in my experience I have landscaped lots of gardens and you always change the plan with other ideas as long as we work and discuss changes, you get the perfect garden you want.
  • Clearing garden as required.
  • Marking out the garden whether it is a new patio or a whole new landscaped garden
  • Decide whether you need electric or water if you do, lay or trench any electric cables or water pipes before building your garden, always allow for drainage.
  • Then build your new landscaped garden

Landscaping consists of hard and soft landscaping

Hard Landscaping

Retaining walls/concrete block; brick; natural stone; oak railway sleepers.

Patio, pathways, driveways/natural stone paving; concrete paving;block paving

Fencing; pagodas, archways, decking, trellis

Soft Landscaping

Turfing, planting, topsoil, bark mulch, etc

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